Custom vs. Store-Bought Cabinets: What’s the Difference?

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Custom vs. Store-Bought Cabinets: What’s the Difference?

Custom vs. Store-Bought Cabinets: What’s the Difference? 700 450 Cabinet Makers Greater Lansing, MI

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There’s a lot to consider when purchasing cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom remodel: size, color, finish, material, durability, hardware, etc. But before you can make those choices, you’ll have to make one big decision: custom cabinets or store-bought cabinets?

Custom cabinets are handmade by craftsmen like our team at Centennial Woodworking. Store-bought cabinets are manufactured in massive quantities in factories.

You’ve probably reserved a significant portion of your remodeling budget for your cabinets, so this isn’t a decision you should make lightly. Let’s take a look at the differences between custom and store-bought cabinets so you can feel confident in your choice.

What’s in Stock?

When you purchase stock cabinets, they’re typically sold in modular units that are ready to ship as soon as you order them. That means that your customization options are extremely limited. 

About the only thing you can control is the number of cabinets you choose to order. You won’t be able to make them larger or smaller to fit in your kitchen or bathroom—you can only order what the store offers.

Even worse, you’ll likely only be able to choose what’s currently available in stock, especially if you’re working on a strict timeline.

Made to Order

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of custom cabinets is that they are just that: customizable! 

With custom cabinets, you can share your vision for the design and dimensions of your cabinets directly with the woodworkers who will make them. That way, you can be certain to get the exact cabinets you want for your space.

Everything is up to you: your wood type, stain, finish, hardware, and any other additional features you may be interested in, such as custom storage solutions

Even better, you won’t have to settle for whatever happens to be in stock. Custom cabinets aren’t made until you order them. That means our cabinet makers can hear all of your design ideas and make the exact cabinets you’re looking for.

Quality Craftsmanship

No matter whether you choose custom or store-bought, cabinets can be an expensive purchase. You’ll want to buy cabinets that are built to last so you know the cost was worth it.

Although there are some quality store-bought cabinets, they are hard to find. Many manufacturers use low-quality materials, such as particle boards instead of plywood. They may use construction methods for drawers and shelves that will deteriorate over time.

With custom cabinets, you can be certain of the quality of your purchase. Our cabinet makers take pride in our craftsmanship. You can count on the best construction methods, including:

  • North American plywood boxes
  • 1/4-inch back with solid maple hanging rail
  • Dovetailed drawers with Blum undermount soft close glides (100 lb. rating per drawer)
  • No plastic clips or side mounted glides
  • Blum soft close hinges
  • Custom crown, step, toe kick, and other moldings
  • Conversion varnish finish with a high end spray system
  • Sanding by hand in a multi-step process

Considering the Cost

Cabinets are always an investment. However, as you might expect, custom cabinets tend to cost a bit more than pre-made cabinets you can buy in stores.

At Centennial Woodworking, we make sure that our high-quality, custom-made cabinets are built to last. We’re happy to work with your budget so you can get the custom cabinets you’ve always wanted.

Choose Custom Cabinets

Our Greater Lansing custom cabinet makers are determined to make the highest quality products for our customers. Call Centennial Woodworking today at (517) 449-9400, or contact us online to schedule your free in-home consultation.