Spruce up Your Home with Built-In Furniture

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Spruce up Your Home with Built-In Furniture

Spruce up Your Home with Built-In Furniture 700 500 Cabinet Makers Greater Lansing, MI

Custom Built-In Furniture MichiganYour home is a place of fun, a place of rest, and a place of living. Why settle for mainstream furniture? You’re unique, let your home express that with some custom built-in furniture.

At Centennial Woodworking, we take pride in our craftsmanship and make every piece custom to our clients. If you want to dream about some affordable home remodeling ideas, this read will be a treat.

Built-In Cabinets

One of the most popular options we offer is our built-in cabinets. If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, these are a must!

Personalized kitchen cabinets can make any kitchen look ten times better than store-bought cabinets. Not only will adding custom built-in cabinets upgrade your home in your eyes, but it will also increase its market value. Things like new kitchen cabinets and custom bathroom cabinets add tons of value to your home in the eyes of realtors.

Here at Centennial Woodworking, we offer a variety of wood types, staining, finishes, and hardware like knobs, handles, and more. We’ll make sure your custom cabinets stand above the rest because we put high-quality craftsmanship into every project.

Built-In Entertainment Centers

Ready to turn your living room into the best entertainment center on the block? At Centennial Woodworking, we’re ready to make you a built-in entertainment center that knocks people’s socks off.

With Centennial, we can build more than just a cabinet or armoire for your TV. We can add a sidebar, lighting mantels, storage components–we can even built it into your wall! People appreciate a good movie, but it’s the ambiance of where they’re at that ties everything together.

So, when the big game is on or when you’re looking to host this year’s New Year’s Eve party, give us a call and we’ll make sure your custom entertainment center is ready too.

Built-In Bookcases

You may spend a lot of time in your study. Or maybe you want to spend a lot of time there but, at the moment, it doesn’t quite feel like an office.

Centennial Woodworking can change that by adding a classic, custom built-in bookcase. No longer will your books pile up on desks or coffee tables. Now they’ll have an artistic bookcase on the wall that looks amazing and says something about your personality. We can even design it to highlight your key interests whether that’s travel magazines, historical fiction, or those gripping sci-fi adventures.

By choosing custom furniture, you get to choose how everything looks. Your built-in bookshelf will be unique to you and you alone–with any added features you may want. Why settle for something that everyone else has?

Built-In Desks

While you’re in your personal office, why not sit at your custom desk?

If you spend a lot of time sitting at your office desk, this will be an investment that pays off every time you sit down to work. We’ll build your custom desk so that it matches your height and arm lengths perfectly while accompanying whatever your creative or business needs may be.

You may watch stocks a lot and want a desk that conveniently holds up documents. If you’re a writer and want something to suit your passions, Centennial Woodworking is there to make sure they’re met. A custom-built desk says a lot about who you are, and how much you value what you do.

Built-In Beds

Your first thought might be something like Odysseus’s custom built-in bed from the Odyssey. And although we could make something like that happen, that’s not your only option.

At Centennial Woodworking, we can design a bed frame that finally matches the aesthetic of your room. Store-bought frames often have unwanted features or things people wish they could change. When you sit down to design a custom built-in bed with us, we’ll make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for. Everything from size, height, type of material, additional features, and color are completely customizable when working with a custom furniture provider like us.

Built-In Custom Benches

Whether it’s for the dinner table or the bar, we can make custom benches too.

These are great additions to the family dining table if you have kids at home because a custom-built bench will survive a lot longer than a chair if your kids tend to scrape the legs.

Custom benches are also great for parties because they can seat a lot of people. You don’t have to worry about cramming in folding chairs when having guests over for dinner because it’s easy to make room on a custom bench.

And don’t worry, we’ll make sure your new bench matches your custom countertops and high-quality cabinets so that your entire dining room looks stunning.

Built-In Lockers

When you get home, where do you put your coat and work bag? On the floor? In a closet? Why not in a personal, built-in locker?

Don’t think lockers like the things that lined your high school hallway. Built-in lockers are storage solutions that are far more appealing to look at and offer a wide variety of options. Imagine having slots for your computer, shoes, nick-nacks, a place to hang your coat–maybe multiple places.

If you have kids running around at home, custom built-in lockers are a great way to keep things organized! Assigning each kid a cubby gives them a space to call their own, which in turn helps keep all their outdoor accessories in one place. Say goodbye to tripping over shoes and picking up winter coats!

Ready for Us to Start Building?

For more built-in furniture ideas feel free to reach out and contact us online or by phone at (517) 449-9400. As your Greater Lansing, MI custom furniture builder, Centennial Woodworking can’t wait to hear about your projects! From custom bathroom cabinets to that new built-in bookshelf, we promise to spruce up your home like it was in a designer magazine.