5 Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

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5 Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

5 Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms 700 450 Cabinet Makers Greater Lansing, MI

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In a survey of more than one million bathrooms, nearly 15% were described as “compact.” Regardless of if you think of your bathroom as compact, cozy, or downright cramped, small bathroom spaces can be frustrating to deal with. But just because your bathroom is small, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the storage options you need to make your space work for you.

Whether you’re looking for tips to make your existing bathroom work or for ideas for a bathroom remodel, here are five storage solutions for small bathrooms:

  1. Use the inside doors of your cabinets
  2. Add a lazy Susan
  3. Organize your countertops
  4. Install open-air cabinets
  5. Create custom bathroom cabinets

1. Use the Inside Doors of Your Cabinets

Need to make your space work without any huge renovations? Here’s a simple fix: utilize the space on the inside of your cabinet doors. There are multiple ways to do this, including:

  • Adding a small over-the-door rack for extra shelving space
  • Putting removable utility hooks on the inside of your cabinet doors to hang things
  • Placing magnetic strips on the inside of your doors and attaching magnets to small beauty products (e.g., nail polish bottles)

You can even use these ideas to add storage to the inside of your actual bathroom door, if you have the space.

2. Add a Lazy Susan

A lot of products get stored in bathrooms, including various cleaning products. These bottles of cleaning solutions can be bulky and hard to organize. 

A lazy Susan is a great way to make these supplies accessible and organized. With a gentle turn, you can access bottles that may have been in the back of the cabinets without knocking over all of your other supplies.

3. Organize Your Countertops

Countertop space is precious in a small bathroom, so staying organized is key. Use baskets, trays, and other organizing tools for the health and beauty products you use on a daily basis. 

Make sure to take into account the type of bathroom countertops you have when making your decisions. For example, if you have granite countertops, you can feel free to leave your hair straightener or curler on your countertop after use without worrying about damaging your surface. On the other hand, quartz countertops burn when exposed to high temperatures, so you’ll want to use a different storage option for heated tools to protect your countertop.

4. Install Open-Air Cabinets

Want more storage space without the heavy, claustrophobic look of closed cabinets on your walls? Consider installing open-air cabinets. These cabinets offer more storage options without making your bathroom feel smaller.

If you opt for open-air cabinets, make them work as a decoration tool as well as a storage solution. For example, you can store neatly folded towels to give your bathroom a clean look or show off your makeup collection to add more character to the space.

5. Create Custom Bathroom Cabinets

The best way to get the storage solutions you need is to invest in custom bathroom cabinets.

It’s hard to compromise with cabinets that don’t meet your storage needs, but it’s even more frustrating in a smaller space. Don’t put up with drawers when you know shelves would work better in your small bathroom, or vice versa. If you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom, pay attention to how you currently use your space and how custom bathroom cabinets could help you use your space even more efficiently.

Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

Are you ready to have a bathroom that actually meets your storage needs? Our Lansing, MI, custom bathroom cabinet makers can help you make the most of your small bathroom. Call Centennial Woodworking at (517) 449-9400, or contact us online.