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Cabinet Options Lansing Cabinet MakersWhen you think of your dream home, what comes to mind? Is it a chaotic, cluttered space, or an organized oasis?

At Centennial Woodworking, we offer more than just run-of-the-mill cabinet designs. We’re able to completely customize your new cabinets to fit your needs with special features such as pull-outs and inserts, lazy susans, spice-racks, etc.

We believe every item should have a place, and every home should be made to suit its inhabitants. Here’s what our custom cabinet makers can do for you. Continue reading to learn how our company can help retrofit your kitchen or bathroom with user-friendly storage solutions.

Cabinet Storage Options


If you’re looking for easily accessible storage options, one of our pull-out cabinet features might be right for your space. Pull-out features allow you to easily access the things that are stored at the back of a cabinet. Here are just a few of the pull-outs we can add to your custom cabinets:

  • Pull-out spice racks: Make the most of a slim spice cabinet with a pull-out spice rack that allows you to see and use all of your spices.
  • Under-the-counter wastebasket storage: Keep your trash can out of sight and out of mind by storing it under your counter or sink.
  • Roll-out racks: Perfect for cabinets that are low to the ground. A roll-out rack lets you take full advantage of ground-level storage space without having to reach all the way to the back of your cabinets.


Our cabinet designers can help you stay organized by providing a customized space for your items. We offer unique, one-of-a-kind inserts that work with your custom cabinets to keep your items where they need to be. A few examples:

  • Built-in drawer organizers: No more cluttered junk drawers! Keep utensils or other items squared away in their proper places with our custom organizing inserts.
  • Lazy susans: Easily access all areas of your corner cabinets by including a lazy susan.
  • Pantry organizers: It’s easy for pantries to become hectic spaces overflowing with boxes and cans. A built-in pantry organizer insert can help you stay on top of your stash.

Choosing custom cabinets is an exciting stage of the home remodeling process. Our Greater Lansing kitchen designers are always happy to talk you through your options. If you’d like to contact Centennial Woodworking, give us a call at (517) 449-9400.

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