3 Tips for Living at Home During Your Kitchen Remodel

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3 Tips for Living at Home During Your Kitchen Remodel

3 Tips for Living at Home During Your Kitchen Remodel 700 450 Cabinet Makers Greater Lansing, MI

kitchen remodel home lansing miThinking about remodeling your kitchen? You’re not alone. In 2015, more than 10 million Americans remodeled their kitchens. That’s nearly one in 10 households.

For many, the kitchen serves as a hub for family life. We cook meals, store snacks, bake treats, make coffee, and even do homework or set up makeshift office space in our kitchens. It’s worth it to make that space as functional and fitting for your family as possible.

During a remodel, however, that sacred space is now off-limits. This shouldn’t scare you from putting in custom cabinets or countertops, or even doing a whole makeover. Most people choose to live in their houses during a kitchen remodel, and you can, too, if you take these steps to prepare.

1. Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

At Centennial Woodworking, our kitchen designers will sit down with you to discuss your vision for your kitchen remodel. Using your hopes and your projected budget, we’ll design custom cabinets or countertops specifically for you.

But while we’re designing and creating in our workshop, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to set up your kitchen somewhere other than the expected construction zone. Setting up a temporary kitchen isn’t something that should wait until the last minute — the earlier you do it, the more peace of mind you’ll have once construction and installation get underway.

What Should Go in My Temporary Kitchen?

A good place to start is to think about what sort of kitchen and food supplies you might have needed in a similar life situation — like a typical college dorm room. Most dorms don’t have separate kitchens for each resident. Because kitchens can be far away or crowded, many college students set up the essentials in their dorm rooms. If you’re unsure of what to put in your temporary kitchen, look up college dorm checklists online for ideas.

A few essentials to take with you during a kitchen remodel might include:

  • Mini fridge
  • Microwave
  • Toaster/toaster oven
  • Coffee maker
  • Electric kettle
  • A few durable plates and flatware (or lots of disposable if you don’t intend to reuse)
  • Dishwashing supplies
  • Nonperishable foods
  • Ingredients for easy, fast meals

Where Should I Set Up My Temporary Kitchen?

One of the most important aspects of a kitchen is its cleanliness. As you’re preparing or cooking food, you want to ensure nothing contaminates your meal. 

Unfortunately, remodels are infamous for being a dusty business. You’ll want to set up your temporary kitchen space far away from your real kitchen to prevent any dust from contaminating your food or damaging your appliances. That might be a living room, a bedroom, or even a garage, depending on the layout of your house.

2. Pack Everything Else

Once you’ve set up your essentials elsewhere, you can pack what’s left behind. Packing your nonessential kitchen supplies is the best way to protect them during a remodel.

Even if you’re not doing a full remodel, you’ll want your kitchen things out of the way and packed safely. It’s best to pack as if you’re actually moving instead of just tossing things into an unused room. That way, you can:

  • Organize your belongings
  • Get rid of anything you don’t really want or need anymore
  • Have an easier time of putting things back where they belong after the remodel

3. Consider Other Food Options

If setting up a temporary kitchen for you isn’t an option, there are other avenues you can consider to provide meals for your family. Takeout and going out to eat are two popular options, but if your budget is tight, you might want to consider:

  • Meal-Prepping: Preparing your meals for the week ahead — or “meal-prepping,” as they say — has taken the internet by storm over the past couple years. In fact, the hashtag “#mealprepping” has been used over half a million times on Instagram alone. Although your kitchen is off-limits during your remodel, you can ask a friend or family member if you can come over and meal-prep in their kitchen once a week. That way, figuring out what’s for dinner will be one less thing to worry about during construction.
  • Meal Trains: If your remodel has coincided with other big life events — a new baby, perhaps, or the loss of a loved one — then you might want to consider asking your community to support you with a meal train. Meal trains are simply a schedule of meals brought to a person in need by their community. Your friends and family can create a schedule on their own, or they can use one of the many apps and websites available to coordinate such efforts.

Ready to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Not getting to use your kitchen during a remodel can be frustrating, but if you plan ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy brand new, custom-made cabinets and countertops with little disturbance to your daily routine. Our Lansing, MI, custom cabinet makers and kitchen designers are ready to help with your next project. Call Centennial Woodworking at (517) 449-9400, or contact us online.