Trend vs. Timeless: Which Kitchen Designs Are Here to Stay?

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Trend vs. Timeless: Which Kitchen Designs Are Here to Stay?

Trend vs. Timeless: Which Kitchen Designs Are Here to Stay? 700 450 Cabinet Makers Greater Lansing, MI

kitchen trends remodel cabinet makers Lansing MIAs you get ready to remodel your kitchen, how can you tell the difference between passing trends and timeless classics? Will your new kitchen look clean and sleek, or will it look forever dated?

Only time will tell if your kitchen design choices will hold up over the coming years. However, there are some general rules you can follow to make sure your new kitchen looks beautiful without betting everything on following the latest trend.

Choose Materials that Last

Some trends look great, but aren’t that durable in a kitchen environment.

For example, marble countertops have been in vogue recently, but real marble can stain, crack, or chip. It’s difficult to clean, and it’s not particularly heat resistant. You’d be much better off choosing a different material that’s made to last for your countertops, such as granite or quartz.

Even if a material can withstand the proverbial heat of the kitchen, you may want to consider how easy it will be to maintain. Subway titles, for example, are immensely popular these days for kitchen backsplashes. But how much of a headache will it be to clean all of that grouting? You may be better off with a more simple design that can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly.

Invest in Storage Solutions

Make sure to choose storage solutions that work for your family. For example, consider what sort of cabinet space makes sense for your dishware and appliances. Do you need roll-out racks to store larger items with ease, such as pots and pans? Would a lazy susan make better use of your corner cabinets? 

At Centennial Woodworking, we specialize in providing unique storage solutions for our clients, such as:

  • Pull-out spice racks
  • Under-the-counter waste baskets
  • Roll-out racks
  • Built-in drawer organizers
  • Lazy susans
  • Pantry organizers

Avoid Open Storage

Open storage solutions have had their moment, but unfortunately, that moment is passing quickly. Although open shelving looks beautiful on Instagram, it doesn’t tend to be very practical for family life. 

For example, you don’t want to waste precious shelving space on little piles of books, picture frames, and other trinkets when it could be used to store kitchenware instead. Similarly, pot racks can make your kitchen look stylishly rustic, but the dust that accompanies them isn’t as charming. 

When considering storage options, make sure to lean toward functionality rather than the latest style. That way, you’ll still have a beautiful, working kitchen for years to come without dealing with a lack of space, cleanliness, or adequate protection for your kitchen supplies.

Rely on Neutral Colors

Before you embrace the peacock blue cabinet trend, take a moment and consider just how long these color fads are going to last. Remember the “Tuscan” kitchens of the early 2000s? These old-world kitchens, with their dark wood, heavy fixtures, and terracotta floors, are the exact opposite of today’s trends for light, airy, white kitchens. It only took a decade or two for the trend to go completely out of style.

That doesn’t mean you can’t add color to your kitchen. It just means you shouldn’t jump on the color trend of the moment. Instead, rely on neutral, tried-and-true colors, and let some colorful accent pieces lift your kitchen into the latest trend. 

At Centennial Woodworking, we offer a wide range of safe yet stunning colors for kitchen cabinets, including but not limited to:

  • Cashew
  • Butternut
  • Cappuccino
  • Chestnut
  • Smoke
  • Grey
  • Toast
  • Mocha
  • Pebble
  • Cocoa brown
  • Hazelnut

Upgrade Your Kitchen with Timeless Designs Today

Are you ready to get started on your kitchen remodel? Our Lansing, MI, custom cabinet makers can help you choose truly timeless designs so you can enjoy your new kitchen for years to come. Call Centennial Woodworking at (517) 449-9400, or contact us online.