What Color Should Your Kitchen Be?

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What Color Should Your Kitchen Be?

What Color Should Your Kitchen Be? 700 450 Cabinet Makers Greater Lansing, MI

pick kitchen color lansing miWhen it comes to interior design, colors say a lot. They create a mood an initial mood for your guests when they enter your home. So, what color do you want your kitchen to be? As your Lansing area woodworkers, we want to partner with you in designing the best kitchen possible. Check out this guide to get an idea of what might work for your home.

Starting With the Wheel

We want to start by saying these colors and their effects are suggestive. They’re not set in stone. When someone sees red it doesn’t automatically make them angry just like how blue doesn’t instantly make people sad.

There are color patterns and combinations you can use with your kitchen cabinets, drawers, appliances, walls and more to move people in the direction of a feeling though, and these ideas will get you thinking about how you might want your kitchen to resonate with others. And of course, with every color, there are variations of it!

Red Reasons

From light red to dark pink, red has a lot of versatility. One of its hidden powers is increasing people’s appetite.

For people looking to design a kitchen with the color red, we hope you’re ready to have the space people don’t want to leave. Red at first energizes most guests, which segues into great snacking or eating a hearty dinner. After that, the body tires down, and where those red colors were once an intense flame are now a gentle campfire people will want to relax near.

When creating a red kitchen, we recommend pairing it with black and silver appliances. This helps promote the professionalism of red while keeping things fun and sharp.

Going Green?

Custom Cabinets Lansing MIWhether you’re a fan of lime or light green, we hope you’re also a fan of cleanliness and health. With a green kitchen, people are often prompted to enjoy healthier foods, while also more willing to try new foods the host provides.

Green is the color of nature, but don’t think of forest trees and flowing lakes–it’s more like gardens and health herbs. This correlation also helps people to focus on enjoying the company of the person they are visiting.

For decorating your green kitchen, try to pair it with earthy tones. Your goal isn’t to create a wooded forest (or maybe that is your goal–totally possible too!) but rather a light touch of terra-tones to help balance and center your kitchen.

Feeling Blue?

Don’t bummer out thinking about blue because today blue is most commonly related to calmness.

If you’re hoping to design a blue kitchen, expect it to be a place that promotes productivity, and also inner self. The color blue has been known to help people focus and increase mental performance, while at the same time it can keep them calm and help them maintain a healthy breathing cycle. If you’re planning on a blue kitchen, it probably won’t be the central hub of fun and games, but it will be a great space for kids to do homework, that late-night cup of tea, or for one-on-one conversations when they’re needed most.

When going with blue kitchen cabinets, we recommend working with white colors as your secondary. Wood or quartz countertops are good picks and help pull out the strongest properties of blue without drowning people in your kitchen.

Bold Black

When you think of a black-walled kitchen it may seem rather gloomy and like the walls are closing in on you. But dark kitchens, when done right, actually create a different feeling: sophistication.

Things like black countertops and walls with white trim have often been paired with modern-day professionalism. With the right lighting, the kitchen may spark some of the best ideas and drive you to create.

When it comes to black cabinets, we recommend angular designs. The corners add to the sharp and crisp feeling to your kitchen. One thing we’ll caution against is having really large dark cabinetry or a massive dark kitchen island. Dark designs are professional, but overdoing them can make guests feel small or as if they’re surrounded by shadows.

Classic White

Lansing MI Custom CabinetsThe color that’s said to offer the most clarity, sharpness, and pristine effects. White kitchens have taken the back burner in today’s kitchen popularity, but they still have a lot to bring to the table when done right.

A light kitchen offers a level of cleanliness that helps give people a sense of security. When paired with things like whicker, oak, bamboo, or other natural elements they can give a sense of freshness. In the past, many beach homes featured white-wall-themes, and in today’s age, it’s as if the beach is still sending that refreshing saltwater breeze through the windows.

When it comes to decor, a white kitchen is the most versatile of all your options. White kitchens work well with a multitude of colors whether they’re displayed through your chairs, cabinets, appliances, or even a rainbow display of cups. As your local woodworkers, never hesitate to ask us what might complement your kitchen.

Consistent Grey

The middle ground between black and white. A grey kitchen is often a neutral space. It can capture both clean-cut professionalism and relaxed contentment.

Grey takes a laid back approach to starting a conversation or sparking something in your guest. It allows them to lead the dialogue and rather than only listen. If you’re someone who likes to talk, grey may not be the color for you. But if you’re an active listener, grey might be the perfect paint for your walls.

For cabinetry and countertops, grey helps keep it simple. The best options are white and black countertops and appliance variations. You can get bold and try things like robin egg blue too. Grey colors will still help keep your kitchen a stable, consistent place.

A bonus of having a grey kitchen is that it allows you a little bit of creative freedom with your other rooms. With your kitchen working as the neutral centerpiece, grey allows for some flexible ideas when it comes to your study, private office, or art room.

Beautiful Brown

Kitchen Cabinets Lansing MIEarth tones are known to be down-to-earth. Simple enough, right?

Brown kitchens often create a finished or studious effect. This may be because older generations like to opt for earthy kitchens and people associate them with success, or because famous stories feature prominent people in their wooded studies. Either way, brown tones are perfect for creating a fresh feeling that isn’t as upfront as black, white, or grey.

When working with terra kitchens, your main pairing focus will be on countertops. We strongly recommend granite or quartz countertops because of their clean finish and reflective properties. There’s something about wood and stone that resonates with people when paired right, and as your professional craftsmen, we promise to capitalize on that.

Yellow Isn’t Mellow

When people see a yellow kitchen, one of the first things they think of is sunshine. Yellow is powerful, and despite stereotyping colors, it often does bring the most energy and joy to a room. If you’re trying to make your kitchen somewhere welcoming to all, yet also the most entertaining room in your home, yellow might be the right color for you.

If you have yellow cabinets, you’ll want to contrast them with black or silver appliances. The dark appliances work as a way to keep the kitchen grounded, yet vibrant whenever entered.

We recommend carrying this pattern to your dining table as a way to help create a center point that connects your kitchen to the next room.

Ready to Build or Renovate Your Kitchen?

We hope this guide has given you a few ideas as to what colors you might want in your kitchen. Whatever you decide on, we’re sure it’ll be beautiful. As your Lansing, MI woodworkers, Centennial Woodworking would love to get started on your kitchen project. Feel free to reach out and contact us online or by phone at (517) 449-9400. Our craftsmen are the best in the trade and we promise to turn your kitchen into a dream kitchen.